Live Your Dream Life Now!

Be Your Own Shero*

*‘Shero’ is defined as a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities, a heroine.

Join this transformative 3-day event to explore how to live your dream life courageously!


Event Outline

Day 1:  Building the Foundation

  • Congratulations
    • You’re here! You’re not only in the right place, but you’re also meant to be here.
  •  Introduction
    • Your DREAM Life is possible, attainable, AND fun
    • Definition of Shero
  • Background on Life Purpose
    • Good news, we begin from exactly where you are!
    • Question, on a scale of 1-10, where are you in terms of how much of your life purpose you are living?  (Or do you keep putting it on the back burner or don’t even think you can achieve it to begin with…)
    • How much of your life are you not tapping into?
  • Your WHY
    • WHY, why method and why questions 
  • Life Purpose
    • Explain life purpose and 6 components to that.  Process and Journey to knowing your life’s Purpose.  How life feels when you know, have clarity and are living your Life’s Purpose—Your Gift..
    • Create [Activity:  journal in main session]
  • Definitions
    • Foundational to helping you get there…
    • Choice:  YOU get to choose
    • Intention:  YOU get to create a powerful intention
  • Courage—Feel the Fear and Do it any way
  • Shero’s Journey—Courage, Clarity and Commitment

Day 2:  Vision

    • With this foundation in place, how would your life change?!  How would it shift?
    • How could it shift (into amazingness) without effort?
    • Would you like to explore the 3 pillars of how to begin to create what you’ve visioned?
    • IMAGINE how it could happen with ease, fun, AND great results?!
  • First Pillar: It begins with clarity. Creating a Shared Understanding of the Universe/World.
    • Clarity
    • What you need to know
    • How you create a shared reality with what’s happening in the world
    • [Activity]
  • Second Pillar:  Feminine Energy
    • What IS Feminine Energy
    • Examples of Feminine Energy
    • How it’s different…
    • [Activity]

Day 3:  Implementation

  • Third Pillar:  How to create YOUR dream life now!
  • Welcome to Inspiration and the Muses!
  • Your MAP to get you there!
    • ‘MAP’:  Muse Action Plan
  • Using your ‘MAP’
    • How to use
    • How call the muses
    • Receive a personal muse 
    • [Activity]
  • Know yourself..
  • The Miracle of Muses
    •  MUSES WORK from the inside out!
    • INSPIRATION is from the inside out!
    • YOU CREATE from the inside out!


Book:  Inspiration the Answer: Calling the Muses By Joia and Jyothsna