Divine Purpose Journey

Exploring Your Inner Inspiration

WELCOME to your New Journey! If you call the muses for 14 consecutive days, twice a day, you will not recognize your life!

WE are stepping up to SOURCE ENERGY!!!  It’s going to be Simply Incredible. 

This is an implementation course where you are given the opportunity to put new ways of BEING and Manifesting into practice.

  • Do you know when your intuition is working?
  • Are you struggling with all the uncertainty in the world right now?
  • Do you need accountability from others or new inspiration to disrupt old patterns that no longer serve you?
  • Are you not sure when you can trust your intuition?
  • Do you struggle with overcoming deeply rooted fears or patterns?

Then this program was designed for you!

The program consists of Three Pillars, one explored every 4 months, in conjunction with Six Life Areas, with 2 being explored every 4 months Along with “The Muses”. (Don’t worry. We will share a diagram to explain and understand what happens every 12 months)

The Three Pillars Are:

  1. Inspiration and Life Purpose
  2. Feminine Energy –Principals of Feminine Leadership
  3. Creating a Shared Understanding Of The World—From 3-D Dimension to the 5th Dimension—the Golden Age.

The life areas are:

  • Family
  • Relationship
  • Financials and Philanthropy
  • Physical Body
  • Spirituality
  • Career—Your Work in the World

What is required to achieve your goals:

* Commitment to attend classes
* Commitment to complete homework
* An openness to interact with the community and share experiences in a safe place
* A commitment to keep confidentiality within the group
* Come with an open mind and an open heart
* Commitment to Celebration—Big and Small Accomplishments

Wishing you The Magic of an Inspired Life!

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