The Divine Purpose Path

Discover Your Life’s Purpose in 6 Weeks or Less



The Divine Purpose Path is a proven and practical step-by-step system used by hundreds of female leaders to realize their life’s purpose and become their own Shero. 

The program consists of 6 steps that help you align with your soul purpose and stay true on your path. 

By the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Know your Life’s Purpose and confidently articulate it
  • Manifest with greater ease
  • Be clear on which voice is your inner wisdom and how to trust it and avoid going in the wrong direction

Our Promise

Experience rituals and energies that open to new possibilities and new places within yourself.

Know with certainty your Life’s Purpose

Manifest with greater ease

Open to a journey of trust with your Inner Wisdom


"This class was valuable on so many levels. I was able to define my life's purpose and thus became empowered to find new ways of living that purpose. With the group meetings every week I was able to share the excitement of the breakthroughs I'd made and be inspired by the stories of my fellow participants. Joia and Jyothsna provided amazing tools and encouragement to then continue and further develop that work the next week. If you're looking for inspiration, direction or encouragement in your life, I highly recommend this class"



The Program

  • 6 weekly Live 90-minute group sessions—Not to be missed.
  • A like-minded heart-based community that supports open sharing and discussion.
  • Ongoing Source sessions (appointments for 15-minute sessions with Coaches)
  • Lifetime access to support group---WOW!
  • Future events to support your continued success.

Step 1

Take the first powerful step and sign up for this life changing class.

Step 2

Commit. Commit to showing up for every class, to doing the homework, to share experiences in a safe place, to come with an open mind and an open heart.

Step 3

Celebrate! Celebrate both the big and small accomplishments and revelations!

We cannot wait to get started!

Divine Purpose Path is created and presented by two heart-centered and soul-based coaches who are dedicated to supporting you tuning into your inner wisdom and living your life’s purpose for ultimate success, joy and happiness.

Meet your guides!

Joia Jitahidi

An executive coach, who works with inspiration as a learning tool with individuals, groups and companies all around the world.

Jyothsna Muppalla

Has studied with Gurus and utilizes her learnings by incorporating their highest vibrational spiritual teachings.

WE are stepping up to SOURCE ENERGY!!! It’s going to be Simply Incredible.

Wishing you The Magic of an Inspired Life!