Jyothsna Muppalla

Jyothsna Muppalla was raised in a large, traditional Indian family with an Eastern mentality and became a pharmacist. Drawn to explore the world and her spirituality, she discovered answers in the spiritual realm and increased spiritual magic in her life.

Jyothsna is an international bestselling author and is passionate about building spaces for men and women to connect, share, and celebrate. She demonstrates how inspiration—the divine feminine aspect—returns magic and ease to complicated lifestyles.

Jyothsna believes that inspiration is accessible in simple, powerful ways at work and home to identify life’s purpose and do our best work. She recognizes the valuable nourishment of her
combined Eastern and Western heritage through the wisdom of “we need a Western woman with an Eastern heart.” Blending the Eastern empathic heart with the Western way of manifesting, Jyothsna supports teams combining insights in action in the world, allowing us all to flourish.

She asks that we hold hands and uplift each other to enter the new golden age. She attracted the
modern Muses in her spiritual quest and believes they are the spiritual agents to anchor
inspiration. She advocates for connecting with the Muses and taking Divine Mother’s hand to
find our life purpose.

I want you to live the life of your dreams, in touch with your divine purpose and INSPIRED to live that purpose joyfully. Let's make this happen for you!