Have you ever had a telling moment? One where all of your interior thoughts, dreams, and actions seem to meet your present seamlessly? Have you experienced this awe-inspiring sensation? Or have you ever had that moment when you get an intuitive thought to go to a place and you meet somebody that you know is destined? Ever had that? Yes? You Know it is NOT by accident? Did you know that, what is behind the – ”NOT by accident” — are Muses? There is no such thing as coincidence, BUT there is such a thing as Muses. Muses are behind those moments of clarity, Intuition, and Serendipity! Muses are our access to the Divine. Muses are an expression of the Divine Feminine.

So, what if you had access to call on this Magic, rather than waiting for random situations? What if you could work with these Divine Energies every day? What if you had access to sources of living joyfully all the time, at any time? It is no longer random. Can you have total Access to this Divine Energy? Well of course you can! INSPIRATION The Answer makes it easy and fun to access this Energy. This is the place to come and Access this Mystical, Divine Source Energy.

We provide the space to be Inspired and manifest your hearts desire. We provide the space to be INSPIRED.

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Ultimate Life Purpose Formula

Know how to Trust your Inner Wisdom

  1. Do you want to get clear about your life purpose? 
  2. Would you like to know that you can trust your “Inner Wisdom”?
  3. Are you ready to be INSPIRED, every moment of every single day?

Ultimate Life Purpose Formula is created and presented by three heart-centered and soul-based coaches who are dedicated to support in you tuning into your inner wisdom and living your life’s purpose for ultimate success, joy and happiness. 

In this program you will get access to:

  1. 6 weekly Live 90-minute group sessions—Not to be missed.
  2. A like-minded heart-based community that supports open sharing and discussion.
  3. A personalized overview of your Sun Sign Life Purpose analysis—Priceless. 
  4. Ongoing Source sessions (appointments for 15-minute sessions with Coaches)
  5. Lifetime access to support group---WOW!
  6. Future events to support your continued success.

By the end of this program, you will:

      Know with certainty your Life’s Purpose.

      Manifest with greater ease.

      Open to a journey of trust with your Inner Wisdom.

      Experience rituals and energies that open to new possibilities and new places within yourself.

This program is for heart-centered people who want to live their destined life of purpose, connect with their inner wisdom and utilize Source energy while choosing to live in the flow with ease. This program is for those who choose to be Courageous and Brave enough to go to NEW places within.

This program is not for those who are not willing to do the inner work necessary to know and live their life purpose. This program is not for the cynic or the skeptic.

This program begins Thursday July 15th, 2021 and concludes on Thursday August 26th, 2021

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